SutiHR’s Payroll Module Alleviates the Burden of Payroll Processing

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Tired of managing thousands of papers, pay slips, payroll reports and salary details? Imagine if there is a system that can automatically process your employee payroll and generate pay slips within seconds. SutiHR can help automate the tasks that are associated with the payroll methods.

More than just payroll processing, payroll management software should reduce employer cost and administrative burden by simplifying the administrative and human management procedures. SutiHR helps companies achieve significant results while managing end-to-end HR processes the right way.

Tailored to specific organizational needs, SutiHR can integrate your human resource management, payroll processing, and benefits administration through its features. The payroll software meets the need of your company, no matter the size of the organization is.

The software can automate leave management and make it easy for HR managers to provide detailed reports to management with complete information about employees’ attendance and time off.

Of all the features of SutiHR, one of the best is integrations. To support the US wage policy, we have integrated with TraxPayroll. SutiHR synchronizes the employees’ details that are required to process payroll with TraxPayroll software, thus easing the process of payroll.

Moreover, the intuitive dashboards make it easy for HR managers to understand the application and carry out the tasks easily. All the updates can be displayed as notifications in the dashboard that can be viewed by respective managers. Also, the cloud-based SaaS solution helps you to cut extra costs associated with installation charges of license-based software.

In this way, SutiHR can help you manage everything automatically while optimizing the costs associated with administrative processes.

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