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SutiWEM: Robust Solution Simplifies the Wireless Expense Management Process

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Organizations around the world are continuing to implement mobile platforms that support connectivity throughout the business. However, these platforms also add significant costs to the overall mobile budget. Organizations need a solution to ensure that all necessary media are optimized for lowest costs. SutiWEM is a suite of tools that enables you to unlock the puzzle that comes with wireless expense management issues.

Wireless devices in business operations include smartphones, tablets, and other devices. The solution keeps track of all devices and services and maintains complete information about these devices in a centralized location. It helps you establish a wireless strategy so that you can better keep track of use among all the employees. By communicating wireless policies to all devices to employees, the system helps you maintain compliance with internal and external regulatory issues. It alerts the IT department/management whenever an employee goes beyond the usage limit.

The sophisticated inventory management tool provides high visibility into all wireless assets. Real-time reporting helps track cost trends and also provides valuable insight into the wireless expense management metrics. Customizable dashboards of the system allow you to select the reports in the way you want to see it.

Mobile invoices are often hard to monitor and track, especially for businesses that process thousands every day. The software automatically imports all invoice data, verifies with the usage data, and alerts when there is a mismatch. Rate plan optimization feature helps match the usage of all your wireless devices to existing and new rate plan offerings from the respective carriers. It presents both summary and detailed information about the usage, shows recommendations and your projected savings.

SutiWEM is provided in the cloud, which means there are no software deployment hassles, no high capital investment, and no burden on your IT department.