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Controlling the Expense Process with Complete Customization

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Simply enforcing a T&E policy would not completely do away with fraudulent activities. There is a lot more you can do to control spending across your enterprise. SutiExpense provides numerous options through which you can enable various features that can control spend. Leveraging these features not only saves your money but also puts your expense management process on the right track. The following are a few ways that can help you control spend across various areas:

Exceeding expense limits

In SutiExpense, there is an option to set limits for each expense type. You can either restrict or warn your employees from entering an expense that goes beyond the limit. In this way, you can ensure that all expenses your employees submit will comply with your policy.

Defining price per mile

You can define the price per mile and calculate the reimbursement based on the given values. Also, SutiExpense offers an option to restrict the number of miles while entering in the expense report.

Defining price per diem

Admin can also define the price per diem such as breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night price. Also, you can define the tip amount to avoid unnecessary expenses. Your employees should be educated regarding these to avoid any surprises.


Our solution allows you to set the tax requirements for various provinces. Since taxes differ from country to country, defining them would make the spend management process faster.

Expense age limits  

You can also set expiry period for expense reports, requests, and credit card transactions. Once the defined period gets extended, all the expense reports and requests need to be re-submitted for approval.

All these features can be customized easily to control expense processes across the enterprise.