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SutiWEM-S: The Ideal Solution for Corporate WEM

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With the constant rise in enterprise mobility and its associated expenses, a wireless expense management solution is more than just a good idea – it’s a necessity for every organization which is encouraging business mobility. A well-designed software tool can make a huge difference to your wireless expense management program.

An accurate inventory is important for invoice management, monitoring contract expiration, and elimination of unused wireless connections. With a WEM solution, you can track all wireless assets across the enterprise with a central repository.

The software solution maintains your entire mobile expense data in a centralized location. Having complete information in one place, you can make better spend management decisions that can radically alter your bottom line.

You can perform detailed invoice audits comparing invoice data to inventory and contract data. Quickly find discrepancies and generate billing tickets which are logged with the carrier for reconciliation and recovery of inaccurate charges.

The solution allows you to build wireless spend scenarios and compare them with actual wireless expenses. The system centralizes data and automates the collection of that data required for wireless budgetary planning.

Reports play a vital role in this process. Sophisticated software simplifies the report generating process. It offers various standard report templates and an easy-to-navigate dashboard, customizable reporting, presentation tools, and a lot more.

The software helps your telecom managers set up thresholds across several parameters for different user groups. It can automatically monitor the organization’s wireless strategy, flag outliers, and send audit reports to the managers responsible for the appropriate cost centers.

By investing in on-demand wireless expense management software, you can easily reduce expenses and enhance the efficiency of your field services.