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Simplifying Expense Management with Digital Receipt Filling

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Organizations that have digital receipt filing in automated expense management software can achieve greater efficiency over those that rely on paper receipts. Digital receipt filing offers significant benefits to enterprises such as:

Reduce mailing costs: Elimination of paper receipts mailing covers the initial cost of the digital receipt system. As every receipt is stored digitally, you are not required to email receipt as soon as the expense occurs.

Decreased staff time: Implementing the digital receipt filing method reduces staff time for filing, approving, and auditing expense reports, thus increasing time to perform core job functions.

Greater accountability: Eliminate the risk of losing or misfiling receipts through digital receipt system. This can increase the accountability as every receipt can be recorded accurately.

Auditing process simplified: Auditors can only review the expense reports that are properly attached with accurate receipts instead of reviewing all reports without receipts. This would save a lot of time and simplify the auditing process.

Decreased cycle time: As receipts will be made available at any time, expense claims can be processed faster and reimbursements can be done easily.

SutiExpense offers digital receipt filing feature to its clients. Apparently, this feature would shorten the reimbursement cycle, improve the audit process, increase efficiency and ensure compliance.

The digital receipt filling feature will not only improve the expense management process but also automate the account payable invoicing. With a lot of benefits in it, every enterprise should definitely make use of digital receipt filing to make the most of expense management software.