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Manage your Invoices like Never before with Accounts Payable Software

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Manual invoicing will soon be replaced with cloud-based accounts payable software. Lot of companies believe that automation is a major step towards efficient financial management and slowly invoice automation is gaining traction. Automation will reduce accounts payable costs and optimize the invoicing process. According to a survey, companies that automate AP processes have increased their productivity and reduced processing costs.

In an enterprise, the total AP costs come from labor-related expenses such as salaries, overhead costs, postage, and paper. This would result in huge costs to the company, which ultimately drives up the company’s budget. Every enterprise wants to streamline processes as much as possible, and automated accounts payable software does just that. As you may have to send hundreds of invoices to suppliers, you may get buried with piles of paper. With SutiAP, the entire process can be transformed as the software stores every invoice in digital format while reducing performance bottlenecks. Besides costs, companies can also minimize turnaround time, increase accuracy, comply with payment policies, and improve convenience for AP specialists.

With automation, companies are better able to control the costs associated with the AP processes. SutiAP can speed up payments processing and seamlessly integrate with expense solutions. The extensive reporting capability will help you to get client-specific customized reports so that you can analyze the data patterns and make changes as per the latest trends. Also, greater visibility over purchasing and spend can be achieved while improving compliance and reducing additional costs. In addition to these, multi-language and multi-format invoices will make our solution a one-size fit for all enterprises.