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SutiExpense Adds IRS Defined High-low Per Diem Rates to its List

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How much allowance should be given to employees for business trips is the most common question that CFOs have while setting budgets for business travel. Well, this depends on the country you travel to as the expenses will vary greatly from country to country. This would be one of the problems for enterprises that frequently send employees on business trips. Setting static figures would not work as the expenses will purely depend on where your employees are travelling. Most US companies follow the Per Diem Rates set by IRS. These rates are considered as standard and each country has its own set of rates that may vary on day-to-day basis. However, your expense system should incorporate this feature in order to make use of these standard rates. That is why SutiExpense has integrated with this feature to help potential enterprises.

The latest version of SutiExpense supports Per Diem Rates set by IRS to make it easy for companies to process Per Diem Claims. This is a completely customizable feature that needs to be configured at the admin level. Once you select the IRS Rates Display, it gets reflected when employee adds Per Diem as line item in the expense report. The rates will be static and may differ from each day. This would highly benefit enterprises as they need not worry about the Per Diems allowances for business trip.

SutiExpense continuously strives to redefine the expense process to make the user experience better.