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The Biggest Bang for Expense Report Software Buck is in Visibility

Monitor Employee Spending Intelligently with Expense Report Software
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Expense Report SoftwareSales representatives for one of our clients, a food distributor, used to spend about an hour each week preparing expense reports. They have cut that down to a few minutes weekly, thanks to the efficiencies offered by their new expense report software, which has automated the creation, submission and approval processes, saving everyone involved time and company money.

What you can see, you can manage

Those processing savings, while wonderful, are not where the big benefit comes from, though, according to the client. The software digitizes the data instantly once the report is approved, and all expense data is ready for analysis by company executives.

Better visibility into employee spending ? in aggregate or broken out by an employee, vendor, customer or project code? gives these managers much more control over expenses, which can be as much as 10% of an organization?s total budget (according to Aberdeen research), especially if they run a field sales force of any size. As an example, a sales manager can quickly identify employees spending too much or too little, or a purchasing manager can spot signs of potential “errors of judgment” in how an employee chooses a vendor for an ad hoc purchase.

HQ also benefits because reports are more accurate when submitted. Company accountants spend a lot less time reconciling expense reports with corporate-card statements, so they have time for more value-added assignments (or a vacant position doesn?t have to be filled!) See our Rinnai case study on this topic.

This company got more than they bargained for

This food distributor wanted an expense reporting system that was easy to use and manage, accurate and quick, but the benefits of greater visibility and control over spending patterns have become the Big Benefit that makes them really happy.

What extra benefits have you derived from automating your business processes with SaaS-bases software like SutiExpense? Have the benefits matched your expectations?

At SutiSoft, our mission is to eliminate paper-based processing from employee lives, one expense report at a time!

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