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Tips and Tricks to Allow Employees Use Self-Service HR

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Investing in self-service HR software is one of the efficient aspects of making your team more productive and compliant. Moreover, it makes the lives of the HR team easier. They can help themselves with the data they require and manage them. There are no more tedious tasks like updating personal details, logging sick leaves, etc.

You may feel happy with the new self-service platform in place. But simply having this is not always enough. After all, the HR management software will become an asset for your business when staff uses it.

Today many companies are becoming savvy to the value of self-service human resource management solution. Getting workers to check out the advantages can be challenging, specifically when a company has deep-rooted methods or traditional means of doing things.

Your people may find it uncomfortable to make the transition for the following reasons.

a. Incompatible with the new

Automated HR systems may seem intimidating to the less digitally-minded people in the workplace. By leveraging modern HR software, they can become annoyed easily.

b. Lacks preparation

Expecting your staff to embrace HR technology without prior information may also contribute to the lower usage of the solution. As they are unaware that it is coming and cannot understand, they may feel reluctant to utilize it.

c. Distrust in automation

The workers may prefer contacting someone as they feel that automation is unreliable and will not offer a user-friendly experience.

Self-service implementation in the HR system can be a massive investment. Hence, it is crucial to ensure your employees know about the changes and are on board with this move.

Here we present the best tips to aid your workers in switching seamlessly and fast to the self-service HR software.

i. Plan how to launch the product

Switching to the self-service HR solution can be a culture shock to any company following conventional pen and paper-based workflows. Hence, think carefully about how to communicate the changes to the employees. So, publish the timescale for a proper introduction so employees are well prepared and there are no more surprises for people.

ii. State why staff must use it

Your workforce does not remain excited at the thought of modern HR methods. But there are a few HR-related tasks that you will care about, like booking time off and checking current business news.

Explain the major reasons why you are switching to HR automation and highlight the key areas that will aid your business and employees in the long run. As you show them how the solution works and how it can make the employment experience more engaging and satisfying, you will end up with critical staff buy-in.

iii. Pilot scheme can help

Consider running the pilot scheme of the new self-service software in a single department. It is the correct way to see that everything is set as per you want it to be. But also illustrate to your employees how much effective and streamlined the process can be.

The ones that have taken an active part in the pilot scheme can reassure other teams who may raise concerns and can act as advocates of the modern self-service strategy.

iv. Offer proper training on the HR platform

Cloud-based HR management solution is easy to use and intuitive. But employees may feel nervous about the fact that it is a new solution and not all workers may be comfortable with technology.

You must implement short training programs in order to aid everybody in becoming familiar with the solution and ensure that backup details are available whenever they need them. Plus, you can share how-to-use guides/instructional videos on HR portals so your staff has a critical resource they can refer to.

v. Harness the power of influences within business

You must ask who the primary employees in the business are and who can encourage others to embrace new technology. Recognize the critical influencers in the company that will aid you in spreading the positive word about new self-service software.

Ensure that these people know and understand the measurable advantages of the modern approach quickly so they are in a position to talk with other members and answer their queries about how it will work. You must include them in pilot schemes as well as planning. This way, they can speed up the system and feel confident in aiding others to receive the best of it.


Employees can receive quick updates on their holidays and company events and get speedy authorization for requests. It indicates that your HR department will become free and can focus on other rewarding projects/tasks.

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