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Tips for Retaining your Talent – Part Two

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Share the postIn the previous post, we reviewed three strategies for employee retention – creating…

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In the previous post, we reviewed three strategies for employee retention – creating employee-centric HR policies, indulging in a little fun now and then at the workplace, and employing smart people so that others get inspired and motivated. We’ll continue the discussion and look at additional strategies in this post.


When someone announces that they have just been hired somewhere, one of the questions they will be asked is about the kind of perks the organization offers. Beyond the job responsibilities and the compensation, perks play an important part in an employee’s professional life.

From game rooms and gymnasiums to free fitness classes to tickets to events, there are many perks that employers can offer their employees. All of these add up and result in improved retention.

Learning culture:

Boredom is a killer. Employees bored with their current work will search for the exit door. The trick for organizations is to keep employees engaged consistently with new knowledge and problems to solve.

Foster a learning culture where employees feel that they are learning each time they enter the building and that they will miss these learning opportunities if they leave the organization.

Value Ideas:

From analysts to executives, employees have their own ways of performing tasks. Schedule periodic discussions where employees can give thoughts and ideas and discuss current operations. Value your employees’ ideas and implement ideas if merited.

To conclude, understand this – there is no one single trick or tip to ensure employee retention. It’s a continuous process that is a combination of many factors, some of which can be controlled by the organization.

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