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Tips To Retain Your Customers

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Customers are an important source of income to a product based company of any size. An increase in the number of customers translates to an increase in revenue. Apart from gaining new customers, it is also extremely important for any company to retain their existing customers.

Here are few tips that help you retain your customers:

Assure Quality and Support

To retain your customers, you have to assure, maintain, and improve the quality of your product. Once customers buy your product, you must ensure good technical support whenever they need it. Generally speaking, from a customer’s point of view, there is no long term loyalty to your product and if they find a competitor’s product that offers them more than yours, they are very likely to make the switch. It is through quality and support that you can guarantee retention.

Politeness Matters A Lot

While speaking to a customer, always be polite. In some cases, customers might be frustrated with your product when it does not function and might be rude. Understand the situation and resolve the issue politely.

Engage Your Customer

Remember, the day you make the sale is the day your customer service starts. Keep your customer engaged and satisfied at all times. Send surveys, e-mails, infographics, etc… periodically to keep your customer engaged. Ensure top-of-the-mind recall.

Collect Feedback

Always ensure that your customers are happy with your product and always collect feedback from them. It normally takes a few feedback cycles to optimize your products. If you receive any negative feedback, approach the respective customer and try to find a solution for the problem.

Promote Your Product With Discounts

Initially, survey your customers to track whether the price you have on offer delights them. So, try to provide the best deals for your customers and offer them good discounts whenever possible. Push your products through by offering hot discounts and/or promotional offers and promote them with good marketing strategies.

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