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Make Smarter Decisions With CRM Reports

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It is absolutely imperative for any business to closely monitor sales closely. CRM software integrated with an analytical solution makes this process easier as it lets you generate real-time reports that help you continuously measure various aspects of the process, from the lead-to-customer cycle to payment cycles to customer service performance. You can also monitor your customers so that you can anticipate the needs of your clients and act quickly when opportunities or threats come your way.

Reporting can reveal emerging trends and can help you analyze how your business is doing. You can use it to measure territories, customers, specific salespeople or other staff that work with customers, and so on. If you generate sales reports, you can stay on top of customer service, ensuring that you can react if numbers start to slip or if your customers start shopping around for other solutions.

Here are a few ways these reports help you:

Getting quick insights on lead to customer cycle– They help you understand the process of transformation from a prospect to a customer. You can gain insights into all parts of the cycle, including the effectiveness of your lead generation campaigns, the amount of time taken for a lead to become a customer, etc…

You can measure your salesperson’s or your employee’s performance- You can see the number of leads generated per salesperson, per team, or per team per location. You can also constantly monitor their performance, their churn numbers, their conversion numbers, etc…

You can customize reports by category- You can generate reports by defining the categories such as by status, by confidence, by product, or by account. Gain insights into each and every aspect of your sales process.

You can view comparison charts for measuring performances- You can review your business performance periodically, and compare performances between/among employees and teams.

Monitor recent activities- You can monitor your top sales activities which have generated the highest revenues and the conversion ratio charts into your system.

Business intelligence software integrated with CRM software is a sure way to gain important insights about your business processes and performance. It also helps you gain an accurate picture of the your products, your customers, and your sales team’s performance.

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