Top 5 CRM Trends for 2019

In today’s extremely competitive market, it is crucial to remain updated with the latest trends as the use of CRM software grows over time. Top-selling CRM vendors are continuously innovating their products to assist better their customers to enhance conversion rates, gather relevant data, boost sales and improve customer satisfaction.

Innovations in 2019 will be exciting for the users as we shift from standard to more complex functions and features.

1. Extreme Personalization for Unbeatable Customer Experience

Organizations have accumulated data over many years in their Customer Relationship Management software which enables them to provide their customers with outstanding and personalized customer experience, an important trend that will be obvious in 2019.

‘’Deep’’ or ‘’extreme’’ personalization also known as hyper-individualization is a kind of experience that delivers excellent service to customers where they feel appreciated and valued because companies understand them and know what and when they want something.

2. Mobile CRM Usage

This trend will continue to flourish in 2019 as it delivers full capabilities on every smart device that can connect to the network and enable real-time access at any place or time. It is no surprise that, while mobile CRM platforms are continuing to grow, the number of users accessing their system on their digital device will also continue to grow as well. An enhanced mobile CRM usage means greater efficiency, better customer experience, and access to more relevant information.

3. Artificial Intelligence (AI) with CRM System

Integrating AI with CRM will fuel the focus on conversational CRM software in 2019. New developments such as face and text recognition and voice functionalities will take the lead in 2019. Like voice assistants on your smartphones, AI-powered CRM enables companies to analyze information from both simple and complicated data sets using voice commands. Voice assistants help the user quickly and easily access information through desktop and mobile applications.

Combining AI and CRM will make tasks simpler and allow dictation instead of manual typing as well as quick access with voice commands.

4. Social CRM is Emerging

Marketers have adopted social media as a platform to connect and share with customers to improve products and perceptions as well as communicate with customers for promotional reasons. Because of the abilities, social media has to contact directly with customers, and it has developed into a medium for CRM in which marketing people are utilizing social media to manage customer requests, grievances and queries.

5. IoT in CRM- The Future of Customer Service

IoT is one of the key drivers of CRM as it will boost CRM systems to work properly in organizations, enhancing customer service and satisfaction, and driving sales. Integrating the two has the ability to evaluate information generated from connected devices, and in case any problems arise, having the ability to fix them remotely.

With every device becoming connected to the internet of things, different industries will get transformed and IoT in CRM software will handle such transformation by automating customer service for solving problems quickly and efficiently.

The Bottom Line

Voice technology and mobile capabilities in CRM enhances customer and user experience as a whole. The trends in 2019 will show how the CRM system utilizes and integrates with technology and digitization and will grow to be increasingly critical for organizations in the future.

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