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Top 6 Advantages of Integrating Telephony Service into Your CRM System

Today, every organization must adopt two technological tools, CRM software, and telephony, for the business to stay current. Many multinational companies and large-scale organizations commonly use these tools whereas, the startup companies, small-sized and medium-sized organizations tend to neglect using such tools as they think it will be an expensive investment that they do not want to make.
Let us take a look at how integrating these two tools can make your business more efficient and productive.

a) Engaging More Customers

With the help of automated CRM software, it is easier for you to categorize different metrics and define the exact frequency in which the sales department must reach out and connect with an individual customer.

By integrating CRM system and telephony, you can easily track how many times your sales department contact your customers and what was the outcome of those calls. No need to put up with excuses such as “no response from the customer after calling multiple times.”

b) Recording Calls

Employees need to travel and work from different locations today. At the same time, they need to take care of each customer on the run. Keeping track of all the customer call recordings is quite challenging. Telephony and CRM software removes such hassles for you.

With a combined platform, it is easier for you to track and manage call recordings of individual customers along with the quality of service you have delivered. Records keep you and your organization safe from litigations when you have done the right thing.

c) Improved Customer Satisfaction

Do you know that integrated CRM software and telephony can save your customers time? How? Firstly, it can route all calls to the right department. Secondly, it has the ability to present callers in a few cases with a self-service option.

For example, all banks provide their customers with different options such as resetting the PIN, knowing their balance, personal details updates, and more with no need to speak to customer care representative. All these options satisfy customers to a great extent and thus provide future opportunities for generating more revenues for your business.

d) Provide Information about Your Callers

An integrated system helps your team members to collect relevant customer details or information from their automated CRM software on the screen whenever the telephony service dials out a particular customer’s number.

This will let your team member spend their time interacting with customers along with addressing their queries. They have to spend very less time gathering information from other sources.

e) Reach Out for More Prospects

When your sales department creates more prospects, they create more opportunities. Integrated telephony and CRM software solution you can automatically dial out numbers which mean that your sales department can make outbound calls faster and get connected with more prospects. It is seen that happy customers share their referrals even without salespeople asking them to share.

f) Enhanced Employee Productivity

Telephony services recognize, and route calls correctly, thus saving the time of customer support agents and eliminating the hassle of transferring calls between various departments. Such kind of integration provides access to dashboards on vital KPI’s such as pipeline leads, opportunities, and more. It helps you in monitoring calls and provides appropriate feedback to the agents and also aids in reducing call duration and enhances the quality for the same.

The Bottom Line

Integrating the two tools (CRM software and telephony service) helps in making your business stand out in this hyper-competitive world. Moreover, the future belongs to those organizations, which maintain a friendly and robust customer relationship and enhance efficiency while serving them.

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