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Top Trends in Recruiting Software

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Earlier, candidates used to apply for a job in person and the interviews were conducted face-to-face. However, technological advancements have brought many changes – candidates are now applying through the mail, online systems, and mobile phones. Integrating recruiting with social media is another top trend. To stay competitive and be successful, organizations need to embrace advanced HR recruiting systems.

Today, mobile device (smartphone or tablet) has become the primary communication tool. So it is important for every recruitment system to have mobile capabilities. Mobile application helps HR professionals manage all activities in the recruitment process on the move. Candidates can also view job openings, apply for jobs and track their application status from anywhere, anytime.

Social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter play an important role in recruiting. HR professionals can perform web-searches on applicants, learn more about them from these sites, and also examine their work samples. Job seekers can advantage of social media sites to improve their odds of finding a job. Candidates can engage in online communities reflecting topics that they are passionate about.

Video conferencing offers the next best thing to the in-person interview. An application such as Skype is very popular and easily accessible. Skype eliminates the need to have interviewees attend in person.  Candidates who live further away can take part in the preliminary rounds.

Cloud-technology is another major trend in IT industry; it frees you from software installation and upgrades. The service provider not only hosts the software but also your data in a secured and centralized location. It eliminates administrative cost and scales as your business grows. Moreover, web-based HR software typically features social collaboration capabilities that are important to talent acquisition task.

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