Track & Manage Employee Attendance Hassle-free

With employee database ranging from hundreds to thousands, it is no longer easy to track employees’ attendance accurately using manual practices. Variation in employee timings and rapid change in their shifts has made tracking a challenging task for HR professionals. Tracking employee working hours, overtime, shift allowances, and leave management manually has become a notorious task these days. An automated time and attendance management software solution is required to manage these activities efficiently and in a hassle-free manner.

How T&A Software can help

T&A management software does everything for you instead of you putting in effort and spending hours in tracking employees’ data accurately. The software allows HR to centrally manage employee attendance and help them track everything automatically. Automatic calculation of working hours, overtime, and leave balance can help you manage employee review, appraisals, or monthly salaries effortlessly. The software gives you a deep insight into detailed analytical reports and statics so as to make it easy for you to look up employee data without any hassles.

The software drives employee productivity and offers key benefits such as:

  • Cut down administrative costs and time
  • Eliminate errors and fraudulent activities
  • Increase employee and manager satisfaction
  • Improve operational efficiency and growth with employee performance
  • Access time records anytime at anywhere
  • Processing pay roll is much easier
  • Better productivity

In fact, it decreases the time required for processing employee time sheets and minimizes the errors associated with manual process. Time and attendance management software not only takes the complexity out of attendance management but also gives out simplified means to help you manage end-to-end processes proactively and get the most out of employees.

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