Key User Experience Features to Be Reviewed Before Selecting HR Software

A software solution with poor user interface not only creates inconvenience but also affects the…

A software solution with poor user interface not only creates inconvenience but also affects the organization’s business operations. It is important for every enterprise to invest in a solution that excites their workforce. HR professionals are also demanding user-centered design, and they expect the HR software they use to mirror their personal experience with technology.

Here we discuss a few important UX features of an HR solution that improves workforce management

Rich-in-class Dashboards

The loss of context due to an unstable business application can lead to negative outcomes like decreased workforce productivity and performance. HR solution’s UX should aim for no clicks, and the key information must be right in front of the users. The role-based dashboards of this software bring information to the forefront for instant access. They empower HR professionals to effectively and efficiently complete several tasks with no clicks. The rich dashboards provide an at-a-glance display of employees’ frequent, pressing, and critical tasks.

Responsive design

The HR application should respond appropriately whenever a user accesses it through a mobile device. They use gesture-based interactions like touch to take actions. HR solution avoids unimportant information and empowers the HR team to complete their goals with the minimum overhead possible. The best-in-class HR tools echo the user-centered design ideology of user experience, whether they are built for a laptop or a mobile device.

Gamification Techniques

Employees are becoming tech savvy and are expecting interactions in work to echo what they see in personal life and even their games.  Gamification methods must be incorporated in HR applications at the design foundation to promote employee engagement. This helps in certain areas of HR management like recruiting and onboarding, talent management, referrals, and the like.

HR software with all the above features simplifies HR team tasks, improves employee engagement, and provides easy access to the information they need.

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