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Tracking Your Employees’ Daily Timesheets with HR Software

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Employees are the most valuable assets for any organization irrespective of its size, brand name, or market capitalization. In any organization, if employees successfully and diligently complete their tasks within the given time, then the organization is well on its way to attaining success.

The problem most commonly faced by many organizations is that, in spite of catering to their needs, paying salaries on time, and spending a lot on their welfare, employees fail to meet their expectations.

And, one of the reasons for this could be that your employees may be escaping from doing their work in the given time and providing you with fake timesheets, which you wouldn’t know if you don’t inspect them carefully.

Now that we’ve impressed upon you the importance of this, let’s discuss the advantages by tracking your employee’s daily time sheet with an online HR software solution:

Increase in Accountability

If you use an HR management solution to track your employees’ daily timesheets, it automatically displays employees’ work status to their respective reporting authorities. It also displays a detailed track of the time assigned to do a task, and how long an employee has taken to complete it.

This helps reporting authorities monitor their employees in the right way to complete their tasks in given time. And, if employees log in late (or exceed their assigned login time), a notification mail will be sent to them regarding their late login for the day. Such actions breed accountability in the employee.

Fraud Detection

The solution automatically generates a quick overview of each employee’s login and logout times including the breaks taken at various intervals. By this smart tracking system, employees can enter their daily report only within login and logout time.

If any employee tries to enter the time before their login time or greater than the current time, it restricts them from submitting their daily report.

Time Calculation

Online HR software calculates the time details of each employee and displays these directly in the employee’s HR portal. It displays a detailed time tracking sheet of each day including the shortage and extra hours.

This helps those employees who have shortage hours; they can stay back in the office and stretch their working hours in order to complete the mandatory working hours for the whole month.

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