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Travel and Expense Solution to Help your Small Business Cut Costs

Travel and Expense Solution
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Organizations need visibility into employee spending, no matter how small or big the spending is. Expense management has become the most challenging job for companies today. With increasing number of employees making purchases from their smartphone, businesses that are not using an automated expense tracking solution are left behind as they grow.

While expense management is a priority, businesses don’t have required tools to effectively manage employee spending. SutiSoft offers travel and expense solution that gives companies necessary tools and access they need today.

Expense and travel solutions allow businesses to fully manage employee travel and spending by giving complete visibility into supplier integrations, itinerary management, and expense management. SutiTravel allows businesses to see employee travel plans before they occur and help you forecast future travel costs.

SutiTravel and expense solution offers small businesses:

Cost Savings

Leverage corporate discounts on air, hotel, and car rental bookings for business travel. Also, the solution can incorporate business rules into the system, which helps avoid out-of-policy expense claims.


Monitor bookings as they happen with our travel and expense software. Also, our solution alerts users when making bookings beyond the threshold value set by the companies.

Saves Time

Instant access to information and creating reports as and when expenses happen can save your time waiting to get the required data.

Travel Plans

Ability to see travel plans quickly and accurately helps businesses cut down business travel costs and forecast future costs.

Our travel and expense software is designed to meet business needs and grows along with companies for tomorrow. Businesses not only gain control over employee spend but also provides a better experience to manage travel and expense reports efficiently.

Request a free demo to know how SutiTravel can help your business.

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