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Understanding Different Types of CRM Systems

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Businesses of all sizes can greatly benefit from CRM, especially where customer management is the biggest problem. The system gathers the information from various departments and presents it cohesively to better serve customers and clients.

This article explains about various types of CRM systems available to companies.

The Analytical System

CRM solution of this kind considers data from customers to outline great marketing and sales strategies required for future sales. Data from all the databases will be gathered and by using the technology such as data mining, you can identify trends and patterns. Companies can evaluate the data so as to create long term strategies for customer and sales management.

The Collaborative System

Collaborative system not only helps in maintaining collaboration with stakeholders, but also helps in customer analysis. The collaborative CRM plays the key role in managing collaborations between stakeholders by sharing information, and customer information. Usually, organizations have interlinked departments, which improve the overall marketing efficiency.

Operational CRM

Operational CRM system automates and integrates key business activities which include customer support, sales, and marketing. Operational CRM solution features three components such as service automation, marketing automation, and sales automation.

Sales automation covers all the sales sages right from entering basic contact information to turning a prospect into client. The integration also includes retail outlets, and marketing activities. In addition, there is marketing automation focused on making marketing campaigns operational, proficient, well organized, and easy.

Managing marketing tasks such as posting activities on social media and sending marketing emails regularly can be done easily. Service automation CRM can facilitate different customer needs so they can receive better service which can be achieved through emails, helpline, so on and so forth.

Service Automation

The service automation CRM keeps all the records of the sales process at each stage. This would help employees automate activities such as scheduling calls and making reports.

Understanding different types of CRM systems will help you to choose the best software for your business. Getting to know about each CRM system will help you move your business even further.

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