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Want A Thriving Business? Focus On Electronic Signatures!

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For hundreds of years, we have been physically signing business documents using wet-ink, wax stamp, pen on paper, etc. But still in this digital age, utilizing hand-written signatures for paper-based documents is a time-consuming process. And also it provides less security and may result in the delay of business transactions.

For enhanced security and to speed-up business transaction processes, online electronic signatures, or e-signatures, came to light. Essentially, an electronic signature is an act of singing a business document or PDF file electronically using a mouse, keyboard, signature pad, or mobile device and it can take the image format of a physical signature.

Businesses can discover several benefits using electronic signatures:

  1. Saves Time, Money, and Resources

Online electronic signatures save time, money, and costs of signing a business document. In traditional days, companies used to maintain records in bulky cabinets that occupied a lot of space in the office. But an electronic signature solution eliminates the process of storing these files in heavy cabinets, saving the business documents online.

Obtaining a signature on a physical document is not always an easy affair. It can be an overwhelming task. It involves various stages such as printing the document, getting it signed by superior authorities, scanning the document, and sending it to other recipients via email or fax for signatures. This is a time-consuming process wasting the time of the organization. Therefore, e-Signature software provides a viable solution for getting the documents signed easily and can be sent to multiple signers without hassle. Also, e-signature software sends automatic reminders to other signers and keeps track of the status of sent documents.

  1. Provides High Security

Generally, electronic signatures are more secure than paper-based documents. Signatures on physical documents, or ink signatures, can easily be copied through simple hand-copying techniques. But in the case of electronic signatures, signers must provide authentication each time they sign a document, ensuring the security of the signed document.

  1. Digital Authenticity

Authenticity – This is one of the major benefits of electronic signatures. There is no need to print the documents, get it signed, scan them and send those scanned documents for signatures to other recipients. Digital authenticity eliminates the heavy work procedure, prevents imposters from sending false information, and maintains the integrity of electronic files.

Power up your business productivity by integrating an e-signature solution into your business process and discover how simple it is to use. Substitute paper-based documents with the electronic version of handwritten signatures that are fast, reliable, easy, and legally binding enabling you to focus more intently on your business.

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