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Why SutiExpense is a Great Fit for Any Business

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Regardless of whether you operate an SME or a large enterprise, SutiExpense can be tailored to meet your needs through its customizable configuration. Our online expense report software features many built-in configurations that can best suit your business needs. The following are a few key features that make our solution robust and the best fit for all kinds of businesses:

Data sync with ERP

SutiExpense has integrated with external applications like Oracle, Netsuite, SAP, QuickBooks, and Paychecx to meet the specific needs of businesses. You can easily import the data to any system with easy set-up and ongoing maintenance. Also, the application is highly customizable, allowing enterprises to customize as per their business requirements.

Custom expense categories

You can create any number of expense categories you require. All the expense categories can be mapped to expense reports for accurate tracking. You can easily create or delete any expense line item.

Multi-layer approvals

Our online expense report software supports multi-level approvals, which means you can create an approval workflow for an expense report. You can add a number of people to the approval chain so that every expense report can be rechecked and reviewed by all those who are involved. This will ensure compliance and reduce expense fraud.

Corporate expense policy

You are free to define any rules and enforce spend guidelines. The solution allows you to create rules for spend categories such that these rules are considered while making reimbursements for expense claims. You can manage expense fraud as good as the rules you set. Therefore, your rules tell your employees what you should accept and what you should not.

Great user experience

SutiExpense allows you to control what each user can see and access, thus reducing the number of mistakes.