Why SutiHR Time Management Software is Right Fit for your Business-Key Features to be Noted

With lot of things to monitor and manage, tracking employee attendance has become a hectic…

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With lot of things to monitor and manage, tracking employee attendance has become a hectic task for HR professionals. Business world is changing so as the requirements of the company. Earlier simple time management software would be sufficient to meet the business requirements, but, in this fast-paced era, HR professionals need more than just traditional time management software. Although any time management software can help you, deploying the software with complete customizable features can be the right fit for your business.

Highlights of SutiHR Time Management Software

SutiHR time management software can cater to the needs of any business through complete customization. The following are some of the key features of SutiHR time management software:

Timesheet format & time off management

You can adjust the minutes’ interval in clock picker and customize the timesheet format by adjusting hours and minutes. When an employee is requesting a time off, a time limit is set to the request. If the authorized manager did not respond to the request within the time limit, then the request will be expired automatically. You can allow employees to apply time off on weekends and request time off irrespective of accrual balance. More on, you can adjust time-off balance of an employee depending on the overtime worked in a day.

Display timesheet pop-up

Whenever an employee forgets to clock-in, a pop-up will appear on the dashboard where the employee can complete the action in the timesheet. If an employee forgets to clock-out, they will not be able to clock in the next day until and unless they complete the clock-out action. This feature can help HR professionals track every clock-in and clock-out without any wrong entries.

Pay period

You can select pay period type-weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Accruals can be varied as per the pay period. You can also select the start of pay period and configure employee period based on hire date. Depending on the period, you can display paid time-off in bar graph and year-end accrual balance in time off balance sheet.

In addition to these, there are a few more options like experience consideration, shift type selection, auto timesheets save, and auto-lunch deduction to help meet your business specifications.

SutiHR time management software helps you keep track of employee time, so you don’t lose days to record your employee attendance and focus on what you really want to do.

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