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Why You Should Integrate Inventory Management With CRM Software

Why You Should Integrate Inventory Management With CRM Software
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Does your business manage inventory data as well as customer information on two different systems? Is it becoming difficult for your team to access the important inventory information in real-time? Are your billing operations and status orders getting delayed due to the inaccurate inventory data? Do you miss valuable customers’ because of your poor customer service?

Then, it’s high time to integrate the inventory management system with existing CRM software. Earlier, businesses used to handle inventory management as well as CRM software as two separate systems. Basically, an inventory management system is confined to managing the critical back-end business operations such as billing and shipping details, purchase history, accounting information, financial data, and supply chain management details whereas the CRM software deals with the front end business operations such as recording the customer details and customer interactions with the company, tracking of sales, managing the sales pipeline, as well as creating the marketing campaigns.

If businesses possess efficient resources, they can effectively manage the two different systems. . However, integrating the inventory management system with CRM solution proves to be highly beneficial for businesses to streamline various business operations and improve the business productivity from bottom line.

Moreover, there are a few additional reasons why businesses should integrate inventory management system with CRM solution:

  1. Provides a Complete 360 Degree Customer View

Businesses cannot exist without customers’. Customers’ are the biggest asset in business growth. How well do you know your customers’? Are you aware of your customers’ birthdays and the most important occasions in their lives?

Integrating the inventory management system with CRM technology will empower your business to have a complete 360 degree view of your customers’. A 360 degree customer view enables businesses to collect data that includes initial customer contacts, current customer tastes, needs, interests, preferences, buying patterns, purchase history, spending habits, demographics, age, gender, average income ,profession, company of employment, likes and dislikes, order history, billing processes, payment details, status orders, etc.

Everyone knows, “Data is the powerhouse.” Having complete visibility of your customers’ journey will enable your business to provide better customer insights, foster long-lasting customer relationships, offer high- quality customer service, as well as track and monitor changes in customer tastes, preferences, needs, etc.

  1. Have Easy Access to Critical Customer Information

A fully integrated CRM solution with inventory management system provides your team with an immediate access to the critical customer information in real-time. For example:- Your customer has contacted your call center with a simple question about the status of an order, then your call center representative need not waste their time in checking different systems or inquiring with other employees.

Your customer support team can effectively utilize the solutions of integrated CRM system with inventory management software to have an immediate access to the key customer information as well as they can instantly retrieve the information on inventory levels, shipments, order history, customer financials, returns, payments, pricing etc.

  1. Streamlines Various Business Processes and Reduces Errors in Data Entry

Previously, when there wasn’t an integrated solution, businesses used to manually handle the various time-consuming business operations. However, with an integrated solution, businesses now have the ability to enhance their productivity through streamlining the various business operations to automate the workflow.

Besides, an integrated solution eliminates the duplicate content with an automatic updation of the real-time inventory information in CRM system. Thus, alleviating the tedious task to enter the data entry work as well as reduce the errors. With an updated content, everyone in the team will have a direct access to the real-time inventory data For instance, whatever the changes made in the inventory database will be reflected in other system- say for example, CRM and vice versa.

Today, incorporating the inventory management system with CRM software is imperative for every business to have a clear understanding of the various stages in a customer’s journey. Additionally, an integrated solution offers easier collaboration across various internal teams, streamlines information, as well as brings everyone in the team on a single page. What are you waiting for? Seamlessly integrate the inventory management system and CRM on a one single solution for faster business operations as well as to boost customer satisfaction

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  1. Well, I think this is an effective way to improve your customer service problems. With the data of inventory Dept.accessible to the CRM Dept. a lot, many customer complaints and questions can be solved.

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