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3 Effective Strategies of a Help Desk Knowledge Base

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Knowledge is power, this statement is true in every scenario. Especially when working with a help desk solution. A full knowledge base offers a more convenient way of resolving customer support queries. The days where customers struggle to reach support teams via phone calls or emails to get their support issues or questions resolved are gone.

In today’s digital world, most customers are expecting speedy resolutions for all of their support queries. Start-ups and SMEs with a small customer base are managing to quickly respond to their customer’s queries. However, it becomes difficult for organizations with more customers to track and manage all the support tickets submitted. While dealing with these support issues through traditional methods, support teams follow various long procedures based on contracts and SLAs. This is tedious, time-consuming, and can result in unhappy customers. To cope with this, the support services industry demands advanced tools and software solutions to help support agents automate the process of resolving the support issues they face. Meaning, with effective knowledge base software, support agents are equipped with the basic knowledge about all the products or services and can fix the support issues quickly.

Knowledge base software is a centralized online library or database of informative articles, FAQ’s, and technical documents which are user guides for the support teams and customers. Support teams should regularly create and update knowledge articles and help guide to help customers resolve their own support issues without needing to contact support each time.

In this article, we discuss a few strategies to keep your knowledge base up to date and working well to improve your customers’ overall experience.

Enable Support Agents to add Comments to Knowledge Base Articles

Support agents usually interact with customers to better understand the issue the customers are facing. They are the ones who will remotely access the customer’s computer and review the problems first-hand and receive all necessary the information from customers. They also are the ones who are capable of finding new ways to resolve certain support issues. Meaning the support agents will need complete knowledge of the products or services you offer. Thus, businesses should allow support agents to add comment on the articles, procedures, and help guides for improved assistance. If an agent finds any information within the knowledge base that is misleading or outdated, they can immediately comment and update the information to helps businesses and customers to have access to an updated knowledge base at all times.

Allow Agents to Create Knowledge Base Articles

At times, support agents will be the ones to discover a workaround or a new way of resolving issues. Hence, it becomes evident that agents have more knowledge about common issues and the quickest process of resolving them. Allowing agents to create articles when they find these new fixes to a common problem is a great way to ensure an effective knowledge base. Have a knowledge coordinator to review, approve, and post the articles submitted by support agents into the knowledge base system.

Include only Relevant Information

While working on the support tickets, agents expect articles with relevant information to pop up within the knowledge database when they enter keywords. Agents should not need to browse through tons of irrelevant or outdated articles. So, avoid filling the knowledge base with extraneous, duplicate, or misleading articles. The software you offer should provide consistent software upgrades and process changes to keep the solution up to date at tall times. Have a dedicated coordinator to manage and monitor knowledge base articles and ensure the information in the knowledge base is relevant with the latest version of the software. Also, verify you create different articles for different versions of the software and include software screenshots.


With proper implementation of an effective knowledge base software, businesses can empower their support agents to resolve support issues quickly. This type of software also encourages customers to resolve their support tickets themselves. Hence lessening the amount of tickets created, allowing your staff to focus on the issues that need special expertise. Reducing the resources and workforce required to manage, track, and resolve support issues and help businesses improve overall productivity.

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