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How a Helpdesk Software Help Your Customer Support Team

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Every organization has to serve its clients satisfactorily- that’s the basis on which a business should run. But it’s also true that companies have to treat their staff properly as well. If an organization only takes from its workers and gives them back nothing in return, it is going to leave behind employees annoyed resulting in a high turnover rate.

Various business studies report that happy employees are up to 25% more productive than the unhappy ones and thus can generate almost 35% higher sales numbers.

One of the best ways to make your staff satisfied is to provide them with the right tools that they require to be more effective at their jobs. One such tool is an online help desk software solution- a centralized platform from where customer service teams can monitor support tickets and resolve customer queries quickly.

Here we present the three ways on how a helpdesk solution helps your customer support department.

  1. Offers Omnichannel Support

Today, your goal is to remain connected to customers throughout multiple digital platforms. But looking at this from an employees’ point of view, it’s frustrating for them to have to navigate via different programs, all connecting to various platforms.

All this back and forth across on multiple platforms leads to a decrease in productivity and excessive stress on the part of your staff, and it is possible to forget certain steps and make errors, which could have a negative impact on your business.

Plus, employees have to maintain multiple passwords and need to learn how to operate various systems. That’s a lot of information, which could lead to an unavoidable slowdown. By leveraging an online ticketing system, workers can access most of the customer queries, if not all, at a single point. The outcome is that these staffs have fewer passwords to manage, only one user interface to learn and boost efficiency all around. It’s known as omnichannel support, where each platform that a business uses comes together in a centralized location.

Using an automated helpdesk system, your staff will have fewer opportunities to forget a task or make costly errors as all their regular actions will be optimized into a single platform.

  1. Self-service

Workers need to be able to help themselves and resolve their issues to be more effective at their job. It’s not good when a worker’s ability to perform their task is mired by having to wait for approval or for someone else to provide them some crucial information. This is where a help desk tool comes into the picture.

Helpdesk solutions provide resources to staff that enables them to be more self-sufficient, and hence effective at what they are doing. The solution can make the lives of your staff easier by providing them a knowledge base, which staff can access with any questions they might have.

This self-service online library of information is meant to teach your employees and customers more about your products/services. When staff gets confused about a certain aspect of the service, they can easily access the knowledge base via the help desk software to look for answers without having to ask anyone else.

It’s especially convenient for new staff, as they have to learn and understand various dimensions of their new job without bothering anybody or show a client that they aren’t experienced yet.  Such kind of quick service leads to a pleasant client interaction, which also keeps both your customers as well as employees happy.

  1. Collaboration Enables Cross-team Alignment and Transparency

Your staff needs to communicate with one another effectively. The ability to collaborate with other teams can make their work easier, thus increasing their overall productivity. When teams are unable to connect, that’s when costly errors occur, causing clients to fall off.

Suppose one of your sales representatives signs a deal with a new customer. The salesperson offers the client a special rate for signing, which was informed to the management but not to the billing department.  So, the billing team charges the new client for the full amount. It will annoy the customer significantly. The problem could have been easily prevented had the organization used a helpdesk system. While charging the new client, the billing department would’ve seen the previous exchange with the sales executive and could’ve confirmed the pricing with the salesperson personally.

Due to a lack of communication between teams, the client may cancel the service completely. Even if the sales representative somehow manages to save the sale, the customer’s opinion about the organization will get negatively impacted. A cloud-based helpdesk software helps in establishing effective communication between various teams essential to meeting client requirements. When everyone is on the same page there will be no more surprises when clients are sent to another channel.

Implementing a robust support ticket system within your organization will ensure no miscommunication takes place when staff interacts with other teams. This will enhance their working environment by enabling them to interact quickly with superiors and colleagues.

The help desk system will generate opportunities to aid your staff who in turn, help your clients. When workers are satisfied, they can provide excellent service. This helps your brand in both loyalty and reputation. Positive client interactions go a long way towards driving enhanced retention. This, in turn, makes a more profitable business.

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