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Some Advantages of a Dedicated Recruitment Module

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The Recruitment process has remained the same for a long time. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, recruitment has seen drastic procedure changes. Since COVID-19, AI has come into the spotlight, making hiring an employee much easier and streamlined. With a dedicated recruitment module, you can easily track the whole procedure and steps involved in the recruitment process. Here is a quick view of this module and what the benefits of a dedicated recruitment module will bring to the organization.

Overview of the Recruitment Module

The Recruitment module contains all the necessary details and stores all the resumes, email templates, and any forms which can be used to further the recruitment process and gather more details on candidates. It also has sub-modules that can be effective while tracking within an application. Below are some of the sub-modules and the main functions they perform.


The dashboard provides easy access through the interview calendar, hiring pipeline, interviews, and job postings to ease the recruiting process. It also tracks and displays the notifications, shortlisted applicants, interviews scheduled today, open positions, offers issued, rolling seven days interview schedules, pending feedback, hiring pipeline statistics, requisition requests, number of visits to the job portal today, and the number of candidates who received rejection emails.

Hiring Pipeline

The hiring pipeline has nine stages, from job openings to onboarding. This streamlined flow will help everyone manage the pool of candidates and applicants for current and future hiring needs.

Resume Pool

A resume pool can be used to store the resumes of the candidates who have applied for any job opening, sort through the applications of selected candidates, and store the applications of candidates who were not selected for that position.

Job Portal

The job portal displays the jobs posted to multiple job portals.

Job Portal Customization

The job portal customization options allow customization of the required fields based on the business unit or the company unit. The changes made on these portals can be viewed/reflected immediately on the job portal.

Form Templates

Form templates allow you to browse across multiple templates as per the required tasks and perform additional actions for the selected form.

Email Templates

Email templates let you browse the full list of default email templates ranging from interview scheduling letters to offer letters. Also, easily edit and reuse the templates for future use with different candidates.


Settings allow enabling or disabling specific general settings and let you configure email notifications as needed.

Benefits of the Recruitment Module

First, the recruitment module can save a lot of time than previously. The process has been simplified and is now more efficient. Here is a summary of the key points:

  1. It’s easier to track all data through the application.
  2. Store records more efficiently and access them at any time.
  3. Master access to modify business unit and company unit.
  4. Variety of templates to send each email effectively.
  5. Complete control of the entire process, from open positions to onboarding.


In the end, we can say that having a recruitment module is very beneficial and time-saving. It has much more to offer than simply being a product. It increases productivity without even being prompted. Such solutions can only enhance the overall rating of a good product. Nevertheless, such solutions can also increase customer service engagement and glorify the response from the users. This product makes the recruitment process much smoother by keeping all the required data within their respective places so it will be easier for the HR department while trying to get details of any employee and/or an applicant. With the help of this product, we can create an ecosystem that can be more helpful while also reducing the time during the company’s procedure of background verification.

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