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Auto-capture Makes your Receipt Management Easy

How Expense Automation Impacts Your Business?
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Storing one or two receipts may be easy but what if you have to retain hundreds? A painful process, right? When you are on a business trip, you need to retain piles of paper receipts for reimbursement or tax purposes. But the problem is that receipts come in different shapes and sizes, and hence storing all these receipts can be more difficult than you think.

Moreover, your business trip may involve many over-the-counter transactions like offering client a cup of coffee or lunch. Losing receipts is the top most concern for most employees, as it may require employees to pay the money from their pockets. As receipts tend to fade quickly, you should be very careful in retaining the bills over time.

Another problem is that manually inputting the data of these receipts can result in errors and misinterpretations. Accuracy plays a major role in the reimbursement process, and hence you should make sure the amount you entered is correct and no bill has been modified or duplicated.

All the above problems can be addressed by automatically capturing and processing receipts.

Built with auto-capture receipt system, SutiExpense can help you manage receipts the easy way. Our software uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to scan your receipts and extract the pertinent data such as merchant name, amount, and currency used. No matter the number of receipts, all the data can be stored easily in mere seconds, not hours or days.

Each expense line item can be captured automatically, thus eliminating the fear of losing receipts over time. The best thing is that you can auto-capture the receipt information right from your smart phone using the SutiExpense mobile app. This way, you can avoid losing receipts, create expense reports, and manage expenses in a timely manner, no matter where you are.