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Mobile Apps in Corporate T&E Management

Corporate T&E is a significant part of the organization’s overall budget. Business travelers are on the road with a good reason, building relationships with partners and developing business along the way. Organizations should make sure that their expense report process is the best it can be. Leveraging the mobile technology which we are using in personal life makes expense reporting simple and convenient for both employees and administrators. Mobile applications help create and submit business T&E expenses easily in just minutes, from anywhere.

With mobile apps business, travelers can track their expenses while they are traveling. They don’t have to wait until they are back at the office. Mobile devices allow employees to create, edit, and submit spending reports from anywhere, on the go. As expense reports are submitted online, approvers can review and approve/reject them with just a few clicks. This improves expense reimbursement process.

Employees can use their mobile’s camera to take a picture of the receipt and quickly link it to an expense item, and it can be clearly documented. Credit card spends can be automatically pulled in to the expense reports through integration with mobile applications. Well-documented reports help you maintain high compliance with business T&E policies. The system also offers great visibility into business spending.

Reports created with these mobile apps can be easily integrated with your existing business systems. It frees you from matching receipts to recorded spends or eliminates the need for physical checks. This helps reduce human errors that come with any manual process.

Today, smartphones and tablets have become part of the business expense reporting process. Online expense reporting software with mobile functionality automates all business spending policies and has robust features like receipts imaging, tip calculator, Google maps generation and so forth.