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Benefits Of E-Signature For An HR Department

Electronic Signature for HR Departments
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Mostly in any organization, employees are asked to fill out forms, documents, and contracts. HR professionals have to face many challenges related to paperwork, the employee handbook, insurance data, emergency contact numbers, and more. Managing all the large amount of personal information and records can turn into a nightmare and slow down an employees productivity rate.

As the HR department needs secure, safe, and legal binding processes, the digitized way of signing documents will improve their process of sending and receiving official documents such as offer letters, appointment letters, etc. The primary objective of electronic signatures for HR departments is to reinforce the relationship between the organization and its employees.

Some of the benefits of e-Signature are mentioned below:

  • Speed-up the Recruitment Process
    Usually, all important legal documents are drafted, where the employee can read and sign them digitally. With eSignature, it is easier to speed up the recruitment procedure, because a candidate can sign many employee forms, documents, or other agreements related to hiring, at any time and from anywhere. E-signatures will make your work smoother and faster.
  • Simplify Document Management and Save Time
    With e-Signature, candidates can sign any important document related to the hiring procedure, like a labor contract agreement, NDA agreements, and more. If the HR department has all essential documents signed with them in the proper digital format, it will reduce the time in processing and archiving the documents. E-signatures also centralize contract management, where the complete history of signed documents is available in the cloud and can be accessed with ease.
  • Improve Visibility
    Previously, security policies of a company were buried under a pile of paperwork. But today, the documents are sent along with automatic reminders to employees. With a smooth and up-to-date on-boarding process, you can quickly turn around paperwork without delays.
  • Environmental Responsibilities
    Environmental responsibilities are one of the key factors in determining why a candidate could choose your organization. E-signatures reduce paper consumption, leaving a good sustainability impression on the candidate.
  • Easy to Attach Documents
    Once the candidate is selected, there might be various documents such as personal documents, a photocopy of the Identity Card, and Voter ID which all can be attached to the request and send out for signatures. Electronic signature has an advanced authentication system where the organization can ask for the details of the documents at the same time along with the signature. This will enhance the process of collecting all documents.

The Bottom Line

Electronic signature software solution offers a higher level of authentication, keeping your signature safe from getting tampered with. The signatures are encrypted, meaning that nobody can view your signature without the encryption key, thus protecting them from hackers or other similar threats. E-signature software can assist your organization to streamline document signing processes and collect and organize employee information.

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