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E-Signatures for HR Departments: Hidden Benefits

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The every step of employee life cycle involves documents and signatures starting from signing on new job offer letter to the employee contract agreement and extending it further to obtain employee signatures on key documents such as HR policies, pay rolls, PR forms, IT returns and so on. The process of obtaining employee signatures on documents is a never ending task for HR department.

Besides, the storing and managing of employee relevant documents throughout the employee tenure period is a big headache to the HR team. Any mistakes made while storing the key files will result in losing a valuable employee document. This creates a big confusion in HR department.

In order to avoid the storage issues and to streamline the HR internal operations as well as to speed up the recruitment and on-boarding processes, the HR department needs a robust solution where they can save their valuable time and money, increases the productivity from bottom line, reduces the errors and improves compliance’s. Going in the paperless HR software route and adopting the electronic signature system is the perfect solution for HR department to reap the maximum ROI.

Read on to learn a few hidden benefits of electronic signatures in HR department:

  1. Saves Time

The use of electronic signature solutions significantly helps in saving the HR department time as well as recruiting candidate’s time. By using the e-signature software, the job-candidate can sign the document any time and from any device. As well, it streamlines the HR team work flow by properly managing and archiving all employee documents on an electronic format.

  1. Saves Company Money

Implementation of electronic signatures in HR department reduces the paper wastage as well as the cost involved in modern hiring process.

In the past, the traditional hiring process involves in sending the contract/agreement to the candidate, obtaining his/her signatures, scanning and archiving the documents for future reference.

But the modern cloud based e-signature system enables the HR team to send documents to the job candidate via email. The candidate just needs to open an email, click on the link to open the documents and sign on it and send those signed copies back to the HR department.

  1. Stores Documents on a Centralized System

Utilization of cloud based electronic signature software facilitates the HR department to store all employee relevant documents on a centralized system and view the history of all documents signed by new employees and access the documents from anywhere in the world.

Revolutionize the HR processes and harness the power of e-signature software in human resource department to improve the speed and efficiency of work flows in HR team and boost the hiring process.

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