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Why Businesses Should Adopt E-Signatures

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Do you wish to see paperless signing in the current business world? Your wish is slowly but rapidly becoming a reality through an emerging technology – electronic signatures. Now, it’s time for businesses of all sizes to ditch the traditional pen and paper signing process and implement an ever-growing e-signature solution for faster execution and improved business transaction speed.

Here are a few powerful reasons why your business should ditch paper & pen and adopt electronic signatures:

  1. Cost –Effective Solution

E-signatures are more cost effective and affordable than traditional paper based documents. Through the wet inked signature method, an employee would have to scan and print the documents, send those printed copies to higher authorities via email or courier, wait until the signed documents are returned safely, and recheck whether everyone has signed the document and if there are any errors in the document or missed signatures, one has to again resend the documents for signature. This continuous process of scanning, printing, and storing of business documents has become a never ending task for employees, decreasing productivity and increasing stationary item costs as well as affecting the business transaction speed and business revenue.

When compared to the traditional signing process, e-signature software is the most affordable option for businesses of any size to obtain signatures from multiple parties in an easy and convenient way.

  1. Safe and Highly Secured

Electronic signatures provide high security and ultimate protection when compared to its paper counterparts because they tend to contain more information such as who has signed the document, when, and from where, etc. All this traceable information can be obtained from the electronic signature application, which is not possible with physical documents. Also, the transactions through the e-signature platform is highly encrypted and secured whereas per the paper-based transactions, there might be a chance of losing a document or thefting of some important business information.

  1. Integrate With Existing Business Applications

Electronic signature solutions offer an invaluable advantage of integrating the current and existing business tools such as Microsoft, Drop box, Google Docs, and many more. You can even incorporate internal applications into current business processes across several departments within the enterprise. While selecting the appropriate e-signature software for your business, it’s better to enquire with e-signature provider whether the solution is compatible with existing applications. Choose an integrated e-signature solution for your business.

Besides, there are several inherent benefits and features associated with e-signatures. Adopt e-signature solutions in your business today to improve the speed in obtaining signatures from various parties, and to provide seamless customer experiences.

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