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Electronic Signature Software: Common Errors

Electronic Signature Software
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Today, technology is rapidly changing and the world is evolving fast. Businesses started to deploy e-signature solutions for a smoother business transaction and to streamline various business operations.

In the past, businesses used wet inked signatures on a dotted line. However, today businesses are no more using pen and paper processes to sign a business document. They are adopting e-signature solutions in their business to speed up the process of signing business documents and providing better customer experiences.

E-signatures offer invaluable solutions for businesses of all sizes. It boosts business transaction speed, saves company money and time, improves employee productivity, increases business revenue, and much more.

Here are a few common mistakes to avoid while implementing electronic signature solutions in your business:

  1. Error in Uploading Business Documents

While uploading a PDF file on an electronic signature platform, you may encounter this type of problem: “An error in uploading business documents has occurred.” This kind of error appears in two forms:

  • Error uploading (file name): An error occurred.
  • Documents upload error. We cannot process the PDF files.

The reason for such kind of document errors are due to the PDF file getting corrupted during the original documentation generation, processing, scanning and converting the document into a PDF file format. During the conversion process, the PDF file might get corrupted.

To avoid such documentation errors, one can save the produced PDF as a new file, print the document in a new PDF file format or use a PDF optimization tool to compress the document and reduce the file size.

  1. Timeout Error (or) an Error Regarding the File Size

In this case, while uploading a document, you may have seen a page saying that your session has been timed out (or) showing an error, which says “Document Upload Error: Sorry, your upload document exceeds our maximum limit.”

Depending upon your internet connection (or) if your document size is too big, then you will encounter such timeout issues.

In order to avoid the timeout errors, you will need to check the file size of your document by right clicking on the document and selecting the properties. The best practice to reduce any timeout errors is to keep the document size under 5 MB.

These are a few errors you may encounter while using e-signature solutions in your business. However, e-signature makes life easier for all business professionals. The e-signature technology empowers the employees in a company to gather, collect, and manage key documents with minimal effort. If you wish to streamline business operations and have a successful business in the 21st century, then you should adopt e-signature solutions in your business. It is a simple and streamlined platform to obtain signatures from multiple parties. It can cut down mailing cost, speeds up the procurement process, and employees can spend less time on contract management.

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