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How E-Signatures Boost Customer Experience

How Online eSignatures Boosts New Customer Onboarding
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We are living in the digital world as everything around us has become more technologically advanced. From the process of ordering food, to booking a cab, to purchasing products – our procedures have gone digital and by reviewing and researching products online, as a customer we have a broader range to choose the best products and services, thereby improving our personal customer experiences.

The customer experience strategy is not limited to our personal lives; businesses themselves are interested in enhancing this aspect of their customer journey. Today, most people are well accustomed to getting their work done online from anywhere in the world, at any time, and on any device, thereby improving the speed of their assigned tasks. Most business processes have become digital, so why can’t a contract or document signature take the digital route as well?

In order to speed up business processes and boost customer experiences, electronic signature solutions have emerged. But, what are electronic signatures?

Electronic signatures, shortly referred to as e-signatures, enable the prospects and customers to sign documents, agreements, and contracts, electronically from anywhere in the world, at any time, and on any device.

Here are a few reasons why electronic signature solutions improve customer experience:

  1. Available On Any Device

Today’s customer demands are increasing and the e-signature solution enables businesses to invite anyone to review, sign, and share the business documents securely on any device (Web, mobile, tablet, etc) and at any time eliminating the hassle of asking your consumers to physically visit the office for a wet signature or the businesses having to print, sign, scan, and send a courier to obtain signatures on said documents.

  1. Tracks And Monitors Documents

Most consumers use electronic signature software for finance-based documents. In the finance industry, printing, reviewing, signing, scanning, and sending documents to clients for signatures takes a lot of time and becomes difficult for the business to trace the progress of the documents.

However, e-signature software provides an excellent solution for finance industries to track customer activities and monitor where the document is, who has signed the document, and who still has yet to sign.

  1. Provides High Security

In earlier days, sending documents to third parties sometimes may lead to missing files or mishandling some important information. But the electronic signature technology provides the ability to receive, review, sign, and send documents to your consumers quickly and securely online across multiple devices thereby improving customer experiences.

Seamlessly integrating an electronic signature solution into your everyday work flow will result in reducing operational costs, provide greater customer experiences, boost customer satisfaction, increase customer retention rates, speed up closure time, and decreases costs in obtaining wet signatures on documents.

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