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Electronic Signatures and why you should use them

Electronic Signatures
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Today, businesses can happily say goodbye to pens, papers, fax machines, scanners, email attachments, and missing files.

By using electronic signature software, business people can easily sign documents online on any device and send it to different recipients for signatures via email. It’s a less time-consuming process when compared to paper-based documents.

Every day, businesses deal with a large number of physical documents for various business transactions. The task of obtaining signatures for each and every document from employers or from the head of a department can be overwhelming for employees. They have to take the printed copy of documents, arrange them in order, get the documents signed, and send those paper documents for signatures of the other recipients and finally wait for the post office or courier to deliver those business documents.

This process wastes the valuable time of many businesses. Now, organizations can optimize business operations with electronic signatures; in simple terms, it is referred to as e-signature.

Electronic signatures are an electronic form of your physical signature and it can be visibly attached to any of your business documents and sent through email to third parties.

Every business handling more than ten documents in a day should opt for electronic signature or e-signature software solutions. E-signatures provide invaluable benefits to businesses.

Through electronic signatures, the process of getting the documents signed is much easier. Business people can digitally sign documents with just a few clicks, send documents to multiple employees via email, and secure the documents for future use. It can speed up business to business transaction processes.

Moreover, electronic signature platforms automatically send reminders to the document recipients to sign the documents and once the documents are signed, it sends a notification to all document signers that the business document has been signed.

Offers Better Customer Service and Positive Customer Experiences:

It’s a rapidly growing society. Who doesn’t want to get things done faster and at the right time? For example: In the past, for purchase documents, customers had to wait a long time to get signatures. But now as a result of online signature software applications, customers can sign their orders instantly and the main office can send customer invoices, delivery forms, and other documents to customers from the comfort of the office. It ultimately results in providing better customer service and creating a positive customer experience.

Reduces Paper Waste

Electronic signatures save a great deal on paper supplies, cuts printing charges, and maintenance, and replaces the office furniture from bulky drawers to compact hard drivers.

Moreover, e-signatures build a paperless future and drastically cuts the amount of time spent on processing contracts and allows more business documents and deals to be finalized in a short period of time.

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