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Best-In-Class Online Invoicing Is Within Your Reach

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Online invoicing, originally viewed as a solution designed for small businesses to save their time and money, has found widespread acceptance and is now being used by organizations of all sizes. The software offers simple, ready-to-use templates that can be customized by anyone quickly. Users just have to enter their contact information, payment terms, and item descriptions, etc… which will be permanently stored and saved for future use. This eliminates the need for duplication of information and saves time for business owners. 

These web-based solutions allow users to create invoices, manage them, and send them to customers. Users can also monitor customer payments and track payments easily and conveniently. Here are a few advantages of using online invoicing software:

Manages estimates: Users can create estimates, modify them, and send them to their clients. This entire process of sending an estimate to a client hardly takes any time. Suppliers get an option to accept or reject the estimate. The user can set the status of an estimate as draft, accepted, rejected, or closed. No time is wasted to create similar estimates as the software gives the option to clone existing estimates and customize them as necessary. Estimates can be converted to invoices at the click of a button and can be sent to clients instantly.

Tracks finance: This software allows users to view an invoice online by just clicking on a link without the need to download it as an attachment . It also allows to view all invoices that are paid, yet to be paid, or the ones which have not been paid within the due date. All customer payments can be tracked online and customers are prompted to make payments as well.

Secures online payment: Online invoice software comes integrated with payment gateways for secure online payments. This software supports both online and offline payment modes.

Choosing online invoicing will open an array of simple and convenient choices for users. It eliminates the need to print extra copies of an invoice and saves postal and stationery costs and also helps promote an eco-friendly environment.

SutiInvoice, the best-in-class invoicing software from SutiSoft, has all these features and more! Click on the link to know more.

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