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Say you are going abroad on office work where you incur numerous expenses which are claimable. In some cases, you might worry about losing receipts or making mistakes while manually entering details. This in turn might cost you as you would have to end up bearing these expenses from your own pocket.

So, how would you like to import your credit card transactions directly into your expense report? Doesn’t this reduce your manual efforts and eliminate the need for duplication?

SutiExpense, the online expense report software from SutiSoft, offers several features that help you eliminate fraud and mistakes while reclaiming your expenses.

Let us tell you how!

Import transactions: No matter where you are and what expenses you have made using your credit card, it’s easy to import these transactions directly into your expense report. This saves your time and replaces your manual entry work, as with just a few clicks, the transactions are now in your expense reports. You can import all transactions or select only those transactions that you want to add to your report. This process eliminates mistakes, fraud, and delivers an error-free report with actual and accurate expenses.

Attach Receipts: You can capture receipts using web-cam from your computer to attach soft receipts to your expense reports. This software is also available on all Android and iOS devices where you can simply capture receipts using your camera anyplace and anytime. This process supports an eco-friendly environment by eliminating the use of paper.

OCR Matching: The software doesn’t only accept receipts that you attach but also validates them and automatically displays their details on the OCR screen. This helps you select specific receipts, associate them to respective sub-expenses, and create a new expense report directly from the OCR screen.

Sounds good? Get our online expense report software that simplifies your claiming process, TODAY!