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How E-Signature Software Enhances Your Organization’s Approval Process

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Are you still using the traditional process of carrying a bunch of papers for signature and authorization? Then step forward to start using an electronic signature software that automates and speeds up the approval process. The days have passed where users still need to wait and waste a lot of time waiting for approvals. Switch to e-signature software, which makes approvals quicker and ensures maximum security for organizations of all sizes.

Let us now see how it enhances an organization’s approval process:

Sign Anywhere Anytime

Say a few candidates have been recruited and their approval is still under process. The hard copies have to be signed by the respective manager who is on leave for a long period and this process has been put on hold. Can’t this process be done within a few minutes if the documents are signed electronically? By using this software, the manager can revert back with an electronic signature anytime and from anywhere, making the approval process quick, easy, and hassle-free.

Google and Salesforce Docs Integration

This software has been integrated with Google Docs and Salesforce Docs and you can add any number of documents to a request from multiple sources and locations.

Set Approval Order

Users can add multiple signers and set an approval order. Based on the approval flow, they can send documents to the approvers serially or in parallel.

Capture Additional Information

Users can create a custom form that not only needs approval but also captures additional information.


An automated email notification will be sent to the respective approvers notifying them about the approval process. This helps users get their approval process done faster and easier.

So, be quick to use this automated e-signature software and enhance your organization’s approval process, TODAY!

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