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Corporate Booking Best Practices – How it Helps in Managing Employee Spending?

Corporate Booking Best Practices
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Corporate travel has become the norm for many businesses today. With business travel showing such prevalence, one of the biggest T & E issues that businesses are facing is the compliance to travel policies and spending. By deploying a fully integrated travel and expense management solution, and following the best practices, organizations can meet the needs of their employees while saving money.

The following are the best practices of corporate travel booking:

Encourage Policy Compliance

Enforce a travel policy for the company that includes appropriate guidelines for business travel. Once a policy is outlined, understanding and gaining insight is important. The bookings made should comply with the guidelines and are considered appropriate. Make sure what was expensed is what approved before the trip.

Corporate Discounts

When employees book travel directly, they don’t always remember that corporate discounts are available. Save your company money by ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Booking Made Easy

Nowadays, employees are making bookings directly from their devices, it is important to ensure expenses are appropriately documented. Receipt capture is one of the best methods to store receipts for travelers on the go. Now that more and more vendors are switching to expense management software, documentation can be easily done.

Consider Employee Preferences

Make sure the policies are not too restricted, but are flexible yet effective in setting guidelines for travel bookings. Businesses are now witnessing the benefits of incorporating leisure into corporate travel.

Travel Booking Tools

Many travel solutions streamline the booking process by remembering flyer numbers, company policies and more. Additionally, many cloud-based solutions ensure employees book flights that offer flexibility, yet cost-effective.

With business travel on the rise, it is important to gain deeper insight into spending trends. Automated travel booking systems can help do that. SutiTravel and expense software simplifies employee bookings while helping your company manage travel practices and costs. By ensuring employees book the best available rates, there would be fewer errors committing out-of-policy bookings. Users and administrators can be familiar with best practices and the benefits that you are going to get when abided by the corporate travel policies.

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