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A Guide for Choosing Mobile Expense Report Software

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Having an app for managing your business expenses is pretty common in businesses today. However, the type of app in terms of functionality and accessibility makes the difference. Mobile app offers the same user interface and functionality on every device, whereas, a native app offers user updates and limited functionality.

This guide makes you understand the key features that corporate travelers need from expense report apps:


Do different parts of the application integrate? The challenge is that different solutions are written in different languages and getting two pieces talk to each other could be no easier if you select software from different vendors. With the increasing cloud-based business solutions, the travel and expense report software solutions should be communicating with external applications. A seamless integrated solution is a key factor for choosing the vendor, ensuring that integration works well.

SutiExpense was designed to seamlessly integrate with online booking tools, meaning flights, hotels and car booking data can be easily shown up in the account. This way travel data can be merged with credit card and receipt data. Choosing a vendor that features all the functions will give organizations a wide-range of benefits from lower costs to smoother integrations. You will be working with top vendors focused on your technology needs. If you are looking for global capabilities and unique features, you will need a solution with deeper functionality which will keep up with regulations and business travel trends.

The following are some key features you have to look out for:

  • Receipt capture and OCR technology

  • Integration with online booking tools, corporate credit cards and finance systems

  • Expense report creation, submission and approval

  • The same interface and functionality on every device

Meet Expectations

The finance and travel departments will get the best solution to meet their needs. Organizations should work with department heads to select the solution right for your business. Purchasing decisions are based on many internal and external factors. SutiExpense is one-step ahead of customer’s evolving requirements. We work with travel booking partners to develop a solution that meets travel booking needs.

Easy to Support

Support teams for large organizations don’t have much knowledge about different parts of the solution and may take time. SutiExpense offers an intuitive solution that requires minimum end-user support, which can be done online ensuring users can troubleshoot problems easily. For any issues, our support team can easily assist you in sorting out any issues related to booking.


The cost of travel booking and expense report solution depends on the vendor’s pricing structure and how many vendors you work with. Unlike other solutions, SutiExpense offers straightforward pricing that includes all other items. If you wish to leverage OCR for receipt capture, add business rules or run detailed analytics, SutiExpense delivers this as a part of the subscription fees.

Our customizable and scalable cloud-based expense reporting and invoice automation solution delivers an intuitive user interface, which offers the same experience on smartphone, tablet or laptop. Our solution is built with world-class business rules engine that supports today’s changing business environment.

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