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Customizable Multi-sided Platforms for Your Unique Business Needs

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SutiSoft now has the ability to group all solutions together into one platform – Spend platform, HR platform, CRM platform, and WEM platform. All these platforms are unified solutions that incorporate all web applications into a single offering. The idea behind forming these platforms is to give businesses centralized access to the enterprise applications.

SutiSoft platforms are cloud-based and fully customizable through which you can oversee company’s apps – and that can integrate seamlessly with each other and hundreds of third party applications. Most importantly, these platforms allow users to manage every business process and control access, thus turning each platform into a viable solution for businesses of all sizes.

SutiSoft platforms are extremely helpful for all companies as they cover every business process. The platform includes Travel and Expense Report software, Customer Relationship Management, Human Resource Management, Survey Management, Digital Signature and more. In addition, businesses can also go with individual applications and integrated solutions.

The spend platform encompasses business applications that manage the business spend. The same goes with HR, CRM, and WEM platforms; each platform encompasses the solutions that manage their respective business processes. For example, HR platform bundles the recruitment software, time management software, payroll software and other apps related to human resource management. These apps are not just modules; all these applications can compete individually with any other solutions in the market.

These platforms can integrate with each other to ensure seamless flow of data between the systems. For example, Expense platform can be integrated with CRM platform so as to allow sales executives to easily enter expense details into the system.

Likewise, any application can be interlinked cross-functionally so as to support your business needs. In addition, all the applications can be accessed by one-time login, meaning, allowing you to switch between the applications without logging in/ out every time you access the application. Single Sign-on (SSO) will make it easy for you to switch between systems once you logged in any application.

Our goal is to simplify business procedures all while saving significant amount of time and money to businesses and their employees.

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