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3 Ways to Gain Control over Business Expense Reporting Process

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Countless expense reports come every day to the finance department. You start processing with the first one and continue with the next. That’s what expense management looks like in many organizations. But, do you know how much this process is costing you? Do you know what’s happening with expenses in real-time? Expense management is all about processing receipts and invoices. Managing your business expenses the old-fashioned way does not help you identify cost-saving opportunities. The details get lost when expenses are processed manually.

Analyze Expense Data to Identify Cost-Saving Opportunities

By automating your expense management process, all your expense report details will be saved and stored in your accounting system. The data can be used to gain insights into the cash flow and offers ways to cut redundant costs. Also, you can gain insights on expenses and analyze the costs by branch or department.

Automating Approval Workflows Streamlines The Processes

With automated expense system, you will work with predefined and pre-approval workflows. This will not only streamline the process, but also controls the process by integrating business rules into the system. Also, you will have pre-trip approval process with expense report software, meaning all your employee business trips should be approved before they happen. Automation will provide the option to bypass the approval workflow if needed.

Know Expenses Before They Get Submitted

It takes time for an expense to arrive in the finance department. With manual expense reporting, you will have no idea about the money that is spent but not submitted yet. But, the online expense reporting process allows you to know to what extent your employees have submitted the expenses and how much more still needs to be submitted. Automation allows you to track right from the moment you capture receipts for the expenses that are not been submitted yet. Therefore, you need not bother about last-minute expenses and have real-time insights into decision-making.

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