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Develop Talent Pools For Future Hiring Needs

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Develop Talent Pools For Future Hiring Needs

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Effective sourcing is a must in a talent landscape where competition for the top talent increases every year. It’s not enough to advertise a job and wait for the applications to arrive. HR teams need to plan for future hiring needs by developing relationships with prospects and acting fast to find talent at the right time. Traditional recruiting systems designed with the active hiring process cannot meet the challenges presented by the new hiring landscapes. The software should allow you to create talent pools (including potential future candidates and active hires), which you can track and nurture for future use.

Talent Pools make it easy for HR recruiters to utilize indefinite applications and referrals. They can accept these applications directly via company’s careers site or forward resumes and referrals from their personal email. The application will automatically scan the details to create a candidate profile in the talent pool. It initiates conversations and keeps track of the communication outside the limit of a specific role.

To develop various talent pools businesses need to look outside of their immediate network. Robust candidate-sourcing capabilities of the system allow HR professionals to scan millions of online profiles and trusted data sources. Keyword search helps them match the criteria for roles they need to fill. If HR recruiters couldn’t find a great candidate for a future role, they can save their profile to the talent pools instead of a specific job. HR teams can also add tags to organize and segment skills and location.

If you’re attracting candidates to your site through a strong company brand, don’t lose out on a good prospect just because there isn’t a role advertised matching their skill-set. The application receives resumes directly to its talent pool. When there is a new requisition, HR teams can search the pool for prospects and reach out to talent with an active interest.

In today’s competitive hiring markets, promoting prospects with timely, personalized communication can make the difference between finding a great hire and losing out. Today, most of the candidates choose one job over another based on the quality of the relationship formed during the hiring process. The talent pools make it easy to reach out, start a conversation, and develop a meaningful relationship over time. With nurtured prospects, when a position opens up that matches their skills the system moves them directly into the hiring pipeline.

Talent pools offer full transparency to your hiring team. HR professionals can share comment and feedback, evaluate candidates, and send notifications to prospects knowing that everything will be visible to the team on the candidate’s timeline. With everyone up-to-date, HR recruiters can share responsibility when needed and keep the conversation with prospects alive without any overlap of contact.

Combined with a robust applicant tracking system (ATS) to search for prospects, talent pools adds more value to your recruiting strategy. The system enables you to prepare for the future and fill positions faster with the best talent around.

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