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Electronic document management solutions allow organizations to streamline and automate their entire document management process by providing them with a central repository to store and organize documents. Using a Document Management Solution, you can create/share/retrieve/modify/edit different documents and maintain versions of each of them.

However, document management solutions are much more than simple storage spaces on the cloud. A standard DMS is a comprehensive solution that offers a lot more that make it an advantage to the organization. How is it an advantage?

Access & Security: A DMS is a completely secure solution that can be accessed over the web from anywhere and from any device, be it a smartphone, a tablet, or a PC, making it highly portable. This means that you have all the documents you need at all times and run your office while sipping latte in a cafe! Administrators can also assign privileges to individuals, meaning that sensitive information can only be accessed by those who are cleared by the administrator. It also stores different versions of a document, making it easy for users to access older versions if they need to.

One area where an electronic DMS outright wins over traditional methods of document management is in searching for documents. A DMS comes with an in-built search option, making it easier for users to find any document, however old it is as opposed to the traditional method of rifling through hundreds of files.

Share and Collaborate: A DMS increases sharing and collaboration among your teams, so much so that it sometimes replaces e-mail and chat. Users can now edit, share, and manage documents in real-time, making a DMS much faster compared to traditional systems. Also, documents can be shared across the organization or within a team as per the user’s wish.

Integration: A DMS can easily integrate with your mail, other storage applications, on-premise applications, and third-party applications. It can also be offered as an add-on module in an integrated platform that allows service providers to gives organizations a more comprehensive solution. You can upload documents from virtually anywhere, and from any system.

So, do you have the DMS advantage? Click here to know more.

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