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Debunking a Few Myths About Online Procurement Software

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E-procurement is emerging as the answer to all the procurement needs of an organization and as more organizations see its benefits, it is gaining increased adoption and deployment. However, there are a few myths doing the rounds that are making organizations apprehensive about online procurement. It’s time to bust a few of them now!

Myth: Online procurement solutions take a long time to deploy and adapting to it is a long process.

Fact: Online procurement solutions do not need to be installed, maintained, or upgraded by the user. The service provider customizes the application to suit the organization, sometimes even to the extent of adding additional features. Users can simply log in to the system and start using it!

Also, the user interfaces are quite intuitive and easy-to-use, and users usually start using the application with minimal training. The service provider offers short-duration intensive training programs and extensive support to ensure that the users adapt to the software in a very short time. As users start using the solution and discover the benefits, they welcome the change and adapt to it quickly.

Myth: Online procurement solutions are not compatible with my on-premise solutions.

Fact: Procurement solutions can be easily integrated with legacy on-premise applications or any third-party applications. Online procurement solutions also feature as add-on modules in a SaaS Integration Platform (SIP), which allows it to be offered as part of a much more comprehensive solution. The software provider, in most cases, takes on the effort of integrating your existing applications with the e-procurement solution.

Myth: I have my spending in control; I don’t need the solution

Fact: Online procurement solutions help organizations with much more than just cutting costs and/or keeping spending in check. These solutions streamline the entire procurement process and help organizations find gaps in the process and fix them. They also help managers analyze past decisions and make better decisions in the future.

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