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E-Signatures For Hospitality Industry: What Is In It?

E-Signatures in hospitality
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Hospitality is the most demanding industry as it deals with customers while controlling costs. Keeping all the expenses under control and handling all responsibilities can be overwhelming.

Key Challenges

Some of the key challenges are as follows:


Chaos and mismanagement are common in the world of hospitality; it is just because the nature of the services involved. Poor workflow, too much paper and decentralized system would lead to loss and mishandling of information. Improving workflow can boost efficiency and allows stakeholders to remain competitive.


There are a lot of scenarios where paperwork plays a key role in the hospitality industry. Let’s say guest check-ins, check-outs, employee records, supplier invoices and cash receipts are some of the areas where paperwork is more.

All these documents are manually signed, scanned, emailed or faxed to relevant parties for approval. This process is time-consuming and inconveniencing. The solution lies in embracing a simple eSignature solution that simplifies workflow and generates cost savings while eliminating chaos.

Transforming the Hospitality Industry with eSignatures

Hotel Check-ins and Reservations

Hotels should offer faster check-ins to clients through online portals. This allows them to perform all the check-in procedures easily by accessing forms through the online portal. Simply, customers can choose an online payment option and sign documents online for further processing.

Many hotels have started embracing online reservation. Customers can reserve a table online, pay for the services and eSign the request to confirm the reservation.

Additional Services

Hospitality industry offers advanced eSignature solutions for customers throughout the stay. The hassle of manually signing documents for various hotel services is minimized. With eSignature solution, the process becomes automated and the entire process becomes simplified.

Invoicing options

Invoicing operations can be improved through eSignature solutions. You don’t have to wait for the invoice to be manually sent to customers. The invoice can be directly uploaded into the account or sent through emails so they can review and electronically sign documents, especially during the check-out period.

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