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eSignatures: Make Signing Process Easy for the Sales Department

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Salespeople stay under pressure regularly. They have an evolving number of customers to handle, various KPIs to track, sales objectives, and piles of paperwork to categorize and keep upgrading.

It is not enough, the extensive employee scarcity which is presently unfolding means sales teams can also be picking up the slack in some other areas.

Aren’t sure where to start with? One of the best methods is by eliminating paper contracts. More specifically, gathering signatures.

The Importance of Electronic Signatures for Your Salespeople

A critical point of a sales team’s deal flow is at the time when a customer signs on the dotted line. The step indicates the closing of a contract. So, when a document is signed, sealed, and delivered accurately, it is the most game-changing method. But should not it be the simplest one as well?

Various small and mid-sized firms are still following pen and paper-based methods, but as companies are becoming more remote, chasing down after wet-ink signatures is becoming almost impossible.

eSign Key Advantages for Salespeople

Monitor Progress Effortlessly

With an intuitive dashboard in the eSignature solution, your sales team can get a rapid snapshot of everything on the plate like pending signature requests for customers, completed requests, and much more.

Plus, it is incredibly simple to send reminders to the pending signers with a single click, rather than navigating to the email and tacking other messages onto the existing thread.

Sign from Any Place and Anytime

Even in the pre-pandemic age, the sales leaders were always moving and continuously working on the run. But now, remote work has become crucial, adding new value to the business, and the digitized methods have kept companies rolling around the globe.

With the help of an electronic signature mobile application, you can utilize all the features and eSigning abilities from anywhere, anytime, using any smart device. No matter if you are working from your home, or logging in from any hotel, you can get the job done in a breeze with the mobile-based experience.

Minimize the Chances of Human Errors

Obtaining a shorter sales cycle is a massive leg-up for sales managers, and the cloud-based eSignature platform provides a number of high-performance features that help in cutting down on unnecessary mistakes.

The document fields are helpful for preventing omissions that can delay the closing procedure of the contract. The fields enable you to signify where the signers are needed to insert details, such as signature, and date, so they will never skip them accidentally.

The templates enable users to generate and share pre-made templates of the frequently used contracts. For instance, when you are sending out a certain kind of document, you can add all mandatory fields to the original contract and define the signing roles. The next time when you send the contract for signing, choose the templates, enter customer details, and it is done.

Close More Deals Quickly

Managing contract signing flows without any centralized hub is a pain for your salesperson. It needs juggling through various email threads, manual follow-ups, downloading the signed PDF files to the local drive, categorizing files individually, and so much more. And all such steps can delay the closing method significantly.

Leveraging electronic signature software can eliminate bottlenecks permanently and optimize the procedure from beginning to end. The signature requests can be sent to the customers directly, with a link that drops them into our interface directly. Later, all which is left to do is add the signature, and the work will get completed.

Seamless Integration with Existing Tools

eSignature solution is specifically designed to work anywhere, and the correct integration can take the deal flow from arduous to carefree. Major integrations with popular productivity tools offer users the ability to sign contracts, request signatures, and monitor the status of every contract within their favorite applications, rather than juggling between innumerable windows.

It is difficult to deny the several advantages which come along with eSign platforms. So, give it a whirl to check how the solution works for the sales methods. As a manager, it is your duty to search for unique aspects to improve the productivity of your team.

Hence, try deploying robust eSignature software into the methods to check if they help you to boost conversions, client satisfaction, and production.

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