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Expense Management in the Cloud – Why You Should Consider It

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If you wish to take your business expense management to the next level, think about a cloud-based solution. Finding a SaaS model makes the perfect sense in this technologically advancing world. Let’s see why a cloud-based expense management solution is the best choice for managing your expense reports.

When you subscribe to a cloud solution, there is nothing to install or maintain on your internal servers. The software vendor will handle the system administration, including software upgrades. You can just connect to the internet to access a shared web-based solution, hosted by the service provider.

Flexible APIs enable highly configurable integrations; the software puts everything in a unified location. It can be easily integrated with your existing business applications such as accounting, ERP, payroll, and travel management and other systems that enhance your expense management program. The integrated system eliminates the need for manually keying expense information into multiple systems.

The application runs round-the-clock, and since it is web-based, your employees can access their tools and reports even when they are on the road. Moreover, if your employees are working offline, their updates will sync with the SaaS servers once they are connected to the internet.

Mobile applications make your expense management software available at your fingertips. Employees can submit expense reports from anytime anywhere through any web-enabled device. Expense approvers can view the submitted reports and make decisions while on the go. Approvals and back-end processing runs smoothly and rapidly. Expense reimbursements can be done significantly sooner.

All in all, a cloud-based expense management solution is a one-stop affordable application that is the answer to all your expense management needs.