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Figuring Out Blind Spots with Online Expense Report Software

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Automating business travel and expenses turns the complex and time-consuming process into a more efficient one. However, simply automating is not the only answer; you have to figure out the blind spots in your business expense management process. While most online expense report solutions track T & E purchases, the reality is that some T & E costs cannot be captured easily even with automated solutions. In fact, you have to track both active as well as passive spending, otherwise your business will be exposed to risks. To truly manage your business spending, you have to know what to look for and where to look.

SutiExpense software helps you manage both active and passive spending with complete efficiency. So, all your spending will be under your control. Here are key takeaways for how our software would benefit your business:

Simplifying Search

SutiTravel offers multiple options for flights, hotels, rental cars and more; all of which can be booked right from a smartphone or any browser. Business rules can be implemented into our travel booking solution so that you can choose only the options that comply with your T & E policy. This way you can stay in compliance always.

Eliminate Paperwork, Take Advantage of Data

Our online expense report solution eliminates intensive paperwork from your T & E process. Right from airlines to Ola rides, every service provider integrates with SutiExpense to create itemized expense reports and track spending easily.

Track Itineraries from Anywhere

SutiExpense integrates with Google Maps and captures employees’ route, no matter where they are. You can know how many miles exactly your employee has traveled and auto import the transactions to the expense report. This will give you an overview of traveler’s locations and country specific risk levels.

Minimize Fraud

With eReceipts and by auto-tracking every move of your travelers, you can possibly reduce the potential fraud associated with business travel. Also, the dashboard lets you analyze employee behavior and patterns overtime, thus you can identify risks and make the right decisions.