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Flexible Work Hours for Better Work-Life Balance and Productivity

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Share the postThe way people work is changing in the modern world. Flexible work schedules…

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The way people work is changing in the modern world. Flexible work schedules have become more common over the last few years, and the idea that employees can work any time, from anywhere has started to become a reality.

Employees all have unique needs and goals in their lives. And, when it comes to flexible work schedule there is no a one size fits all. Businesses can select the elements that suit their work culture; for example, incorporate flexible work hours, provide work from home options, and blend both – flexible work hours with work from home options.

Employees are not always 100% productive in the office. Situations where employees are sitting at their desk counting down the minutes until they can leave the office can lead to unproductive time. With flexible working, businesses can stop focusing on the hours the employee is in the office and can focus on the work being produced.

Flexible working reduces the stress of commuting as employees can work from home, or if they do have to come into the office they can choose a time which they can avoid the traffic rush. When employees can choose their starting times they can also fit work around other commitments. They can choose to work when they feel most productive, and not when their contract tells them to be ‘productive’.

Compensation is always an important aspect when it comes to attracting and retaining the best talents. Many organizations are matching, or even improving on, top company salaries to retain their best performers. Flexible work schedules can be the big draw when it comes to retaining your employees and attracting new hires, especially those that place a value on their work-life balance.

Flexible work schedules reduce stress, improve health and well-being, increase job satisfaction, and help employees maintain proper work-life balance. It can also reduce the absence levels. Employees, who are feeling slightly unwell, can choose to work from home. They don’t have to struggle into the office and also there’s no risk of potentially affecting the other team members.

By incorporating flexible work schedules organizations can enhance productivity and promote a better work-life balance to its employees. But, it can’t just happen by implementing a few policies or procedures; it requires the right systems and sophisticated HR management software in place.

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